Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Regulatory norms

The Capricciosa Group loyalty card is valid for one year and allows its holder:
● Treceive discounts at all Grupo Capricciosa restaurants, or in any other restaurant/brand to which the Grupo Capricciosa may extend this right of use, based on amounts accrued for each meal, recorded on the card, and the holder may use the said amount to receive a discount, in accordance with the conditions specified in this regulation and in the advertised percentage chart, in new expenditures made by the holder;
● To obtain additional benefits and exclusive promotions, which will be brought to the holder‘s attention through advertising in the participating restaurants, or via e-mail, text messages and leaflets. 

2. Ownership
Grupo Capricciosa loyalty card is issued on a personal and non-transferable basis, on behalf of a single person. The holder is simply the bearer of the said card.

3. Obrigações

A) The holder is obliged to:
1. Preserve and use the card correctly;
2. Immediately notify Capricciosa Group should the card be destroyedstolen or lost.  

B)CapricciosaGroup is obliged to:
1. Maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of the loyalty card user;
2. To answer any question the user of the loyalty card may have, be it in any Capricciosa Group restaurant or by the email adress: comercial@grupocpa.pt 

4. Rules for use

4.1. The card holder must present the loyalty card each time an expenditure is made at any Capricciosa Group restaurant. At the time of the third expenditure a percentage of that expenditure’s amount may be used for discount on a future expenditure.
4.2. For any expenditure at any Capricciosa Group restaurant, the holder accrues 10% of the total amount of the expenditure in the cardas long as the meal doesn’t exceed six people. From the third use onwards, inclusively, the card holder may discount this accumulated percentage.
4.3. In the expenditure in which the holder chooses to discount the accrued amount no percentage will be accumulated for future discounts.
4.4. The card holder may use the accrued amount at any new expenditure (from the third use onwards) or save the amount for future uses.
4.5. If the card holder doesn’t request the card’s cancellation, the loyalty card shall be automatically renewed for periods of two (2) years after the card’s last use in any of Capricciosa Group restaurants.
4.6. The use or loss of the loyalty card are the card holder‘s and/or bearer‘s sole responsibility, and Grupo Capricciosa will not be held liable for the card’s loss or theft. 

5. Cancellation

5.1. Should the card holder misuse the loyalty card or should any of the obligations set forth in this agreement not be metGrupo Capricciosa may terminate this agreement, thus obliging the card holder to immediately return the card, losing any rights to its use.
5.2. The holder may cancel the loyalty card membership by writing a letter to Capricciosa Group email address mcomercial@grupocpa.ptreturning the card and abdicating any rights of use. 

6. Changes and termination

6.1. Grupo Capricciosa may change the general conditions of this regulation, informing the card holder through the means provided by the customer at the time of the membership request, telephone number or email address.
6.2. The amendments shall enter into force as soon as they are made known to the card holder, and the accumulated amounts shall not be changed.
6.3. Grupo Capricciosa reserves the right to cancel the loyalty card program at any time, through the same means as described above.